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Evolution Healing Center is a spiritual retreat based on evolutionary approaches to many healing traditions. We are located in South Brookfield, Nova Scotia on 53 acres of beautiful forest and 1/2 km of river on the Medway River.  

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Laura Haskell, founder of Evolution Healing International Inc., is a certified Medical Qigong Practitioner, Reiki Master, Mind-Body-Spirit Teacher, and experienced Energy Healer with a unique and broad range of expertise in the healing arts such as qigong, yoga, universal healing tao, feminine treasures, healing touch, reflexology, Indian head massage, chi nei tsang (abdominal massage),  dearmouring, black pearl and six point star healing for trauma, full body massage, certified angel oracle and angel tarot card reader, certified angel intuitive, meditation coach, and ritualistic ceremonies  (i.e. tantra, crystal, goddess, etc).

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Emotional Imbalance

Emotional Imbalance plays havoc with our organs.

All too often emotional imbalance and the inner turbulence it creates is the Bane of our existence.

New medical science estimates that 90% of our mental and physical impairments are “emotionally” oriented.

These emotional challenges we carry, keep us in the way of ourselves more than we care to realize.

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These views on Depression  are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine since this is my main focus of study and work.

Depression is a condition of energy depletion … it is possible to lose perspective and project depression onto unrelated areas of life, thinking that you are depressed because of this or that condition, instead of understanding the real cause: energy depletion … If you can accept and open to depression, you will recharge your energy reserves instead of suppressing the depression with self-rejection, such as becoming depressed about the depression. ~ John Ruskan, Emotional Clearing.

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The Real Cause of Addiction (Part 3)

The Real Cause of Addiction is a Dis-Ease about Loneliness.  It’s not about changing our minds. It’s about changing our hearts!

Here’s one example of an experiment that is happening all around you, and may well happen to you one day. If you get run over today and you break your hip, you will probably be given diamorphine, the medical name for heroin. In the hospital around you, there will be plenty of people also given heroin for long periods, for pain relief. The heroin you will get from the doctor will have a much higher purity and potency than the heroin being used by street-addicts, who have to buy from criminals who adulterate it. So if the old theory of addiction is right — it’s the drugs that cause it; they make your body need them — then it’s obvious what should happen. Loads of people should leave the hospital and try to score smack on the streets to meet their habit.

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Just say YES to the opening and expansion of your heart.  We honour your journey and we hold a beloved space for you.

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