Appointment & Fees

Healing is an Inside Job

Laura is ambivalent about calling herself “healer.” It implies doing something to someone else, holding power over the other, separating the healer from the healed.  Because the healing relationship feels sacred to Laura, she thinks of it more as being a minister – ministering to body, mind, body, spirit, soul, divine.  

Fresh understanding about energy and healing continually filters through Laura so she evolves with each client she sees and each class, workshop or retreat she teaches.  

Fee Schedule

The following is a tentative fee schedule for the ministering of any one of Laura’s Healing Modality services:

30 minutes – $55

45 minutes – $66

60 minutes – $77

90 minutes – $99

Laura believes in helping her clients with their self-care –  mind, body, spirit, soul, divine healing journey.  She can provide healing prescriptions for ongoing well being.

It’s Laura’s vision and mission that you don’t need to repeat sessions with her  but have a self-care program where you are your own ambassador of your self healing journey.

Many times, this is found and learned in her workshops, classes and retreats.

Repeat sessions with Laura are merely for relaxation purposes and to experience touch healing because each and everyone one of us inherently is born with this nature to feel and be touched.