Emotional Imbalance

Emotional Imbalance plays havoc with our organs.

All too often emotional imbalance and the inner turbulence it creates is the Bane of our existence.

New medical science estimates that 90% of our mental and physical impairments are “emotionally” oriented.

These emotional challenges we carry, keep us in the way of ourselves more than we care to realize.

More times than not we are at the mercy of low base emotional fields and the beat-down they consistently give us. Anger, Fear, Grief,
Jealousy, etc etc.

Each one of these emotional fields has a direct affiliation and impact on specific organs of the human body.

Our lungs are affected and hold the emotional fields of Grief, Sadness and Despair, Kidneys fear.

Our Livers are very sensitive to anger which can stayin the body for 7 days doing systemic catastrophic damage to tissues, organs and glands,

while the Heart becomes easily burdened by Jealousy and hatred.

Our Spleen is adversely affected by Stress, Worry, Anxiety which is attached to us like ticks on a dog.

But if we can create a daily internal practice for ourselves, that elevates us up and beyond the influence of these low base emotional fields, we gain way more control, even mastery over our environment because we have gained emotional mastery over ourselves.

What does the flip side look like? When a Human Being is Peaceful, Loving and Forgiving our Pineal gland releases a hormone labeled ANANDAMIDE or the Bliss Hormone…This hormone cleanses our cells and DNA by removing all types of Toxic Emotional signatures or Imprints.

This cleansing that takes place attracts Photonic (light) particles which many believe gives us new codes of Awareness and this is just the beginning…I could go on and on.

In my system of self healing we have the 6 healing sounds which not only removes these excess toxic emotional frequencies from the organ and the body as a whole but unlike other techniques or practices, literally “transforms” them into constructive usable frequencies which add longevity, clarity of mind, and enhanced Life Force.

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