Evolution Healing Center encompasses many sacred playgrounds.

Why call it playgrounds?  Because we believe that healing, learning and self exploration can be a playground of fun and because we make it fun!

We offer various workshops, classes and retreats.


All of our workshops that we are excited to launch are about physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual issues and tailored as such to cover these issues in depth to create magical and mystical personal transformations.

These workshops are about connecting to our hearts and bonding with ourselves and others. 

These workshops, depending on the content, will be 3,6,9, 12 weeks long.

More information will be posted as soon as the dates are scheduled.


We offer movement, meditation and mindfulness classes on a daily basis.

These classes are for men and women, as well as children.

We also offer classes in the healing arts such as therapeutic painting, creative writing and so many more.

More information will be posted as soon as the dates are scheduled.


We also offer retreats such as a weekend get-a-away in our luxurious and beautiful guest house.

More information will be posted as soon as the dates area scheduled.