Healing Playgrounds

What will you Get from Taking Laura’s workshops/classes/retreats?

When working with Laura, she helps you to be in your body, in your heart, to connect with your soul and spirit.   She knows that the solution to well-being and happiness is not a one size, fits all.  Her programs help you with:

  • a greater understanding of the body
  • a richer understanding of why the body gets ill
  • a deeper understanding of the body and how to self heal
  • understand the cues that the body is giving and how to discern the meaning
  • have a deeper connection with the emotions and understand what they mean
  • learn to listen to emotions more readily and know how to shift them
  • gain a deeper understanding between the mind – the emotions – and the body
  • wake up inner intuition
  • understand the ability to be happy, joyous and feel alive and start to live
  • improve quality of life, sleep & restorative patterns
  • improve relationship with self – greater self confidence and self assurance
  • renewed self-work
  • no longer feel like a victim in our body
  • know that we are in charge of our life, our health and our well-being
  • ability to understand the deeper meaning of illness and what it means
  • release animosity, anger, sadness & fear from the body & life
  • live happily and in more joy in the body
  • know the steps to feel well, be happier and feel more alive in life today
  • energy medicine tools