Angel Card Reader Certification Course (ONLINE)


Would you like to learn how to become an Angel Card Reader?

It really isn’t that difficult. We are all born with intuitive abilities. It really is very very easy.

Has anyone ever asked you for advice and you knew right away what they needed to hear. Well using these abilities as well as cards can make it even easier – and fun too!

p.s. you can make money right from the comfort of your home. helping people ALL over the world.

The workshop is six weeks long (approx). We meet once/week either IN PERSON or ONLINE on Monday from 6 pm to 8 pm approximately for two hour LIVE SESSIONS.

This course is based on the teachings of Doreen Virtue. You will learn:


Reading for Yourself and Others: Trusting Your Cards, One and Three Card Readings

  • Clearing and Blessing the Space
  • Preparing Your Angel Tarot Cards
  • How to Acclimate and Care For Your Cards
  • A Brief History of Tarot


How to Give More Detailed Readings

  • ‘BLAH” and Take Your Friends to the Next Level
  • Interacting During a Reading
  • Community for Angel Card Readers
  • Cutting the Etheric Cord
  • Which Deck Should I Use?
  • Using Only One Deck
  • Tarot Cards vs. Oracle Cards
  • Missing or Extra Cards
  • What if a Reading Doesn’t make sense?


LIfe Purpose: Finding Your Answer

  • The Three Types of Readings
  • Life Purpose Readings
  • Life Purpose Readings Using Two Decks

Romance: Maybe it’s Complicated, Maybe it’s Not

  • Romance Readings: Integrating Spiritual Counseling
  • Bob or Bill – Who Should I Choose?
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?
  • Single and Looking

Health: You are Not a Doctor, Unless You Are

  • Guidelines for Health Readings
  • Health Reading Example: Diet, Family Psychology and Health
  • Preparation and Meditation
  • Sacred Heart Meditation


Building a Spiritually Based Career

  • Creating a Career in Spiritual Work
  • Markeging Guidance and Bringing in Clients
  • Speaking Engagements and More Promotional Outlets
  • Tips and Doing Readings via Phone or Online
  • Tips for More Professional Readings
  • Card Reading Ethics, Support and Community
  • Preparation and Meditation
  • Sacred Heart Meditation
  • Using the Angel Card App
  • Using Social Media
  • Creating Boundaries and Combating Negativity
  • Skeptical and Abusive Clients
  • Inconsolable Clients
  • Same Client, Same Question
  • “Stuck” Clients


Important Considerations for Special Readings Q&A, Example Readings, and Specific Questions

  • Example Reading: Interpreting a Reading on Family and Pregnancy
  • Answering Questions About Mental Blocks
  • Doing Readings While in an Altered State
  • Reading for Children: Addressing Types of Cards and Children’s Energy
  • Releasing Pressure From Downloads When you Aren’t Public About Your Card Reading
  • Questiosn about Specializing in One Type of Healing
  • Empathy – Dealing with Intense Feelings During a Reading
  • Example – Interpreting an Emperor and Empress Cards
  • Delivering Bad News


*** You will receive a FREE Doreen Virtue Oracle Card Deck with this course ***
– Certificate included
– Advice on Facebook groups for support and practice

***Learn about each Archangel
***Learn how the Angels Can Help You

The cost is $200 and you also receive one card deck.

BRING a friend, you get $25 off the registration fee.

Note – those who take this course is eligible to take the Earth Realm Reader course for FREE with me plus weekly and monthly get togethers to learn more tools.


Course is currently not available at this time. Please check back later for updates.