Self Love & the Vortex

Two and Three Year Old’s are in the Vortex!

Just look at a 2 year old or 3 year old, they are not looking for your Approval.  They have an inner knowing.   When I was a little child, I had more self-confidence.    For me self-confidence has everything to do with self love.  I felt I could accomplish anything. Also any criticisms or judgments never bothered me.

Read on to find out why 2 or 3 year olds are in the Vortex.

But as I got older, I started to believe the criticisms and judgments from others and this had a negative impact on my self love.  These are called filters and they can be so cunning and subtle that  we don’t see it but somewhere in us we get an angst that something doesn’t feel right and we ignore that too.  This can be called suppression and repression.   I started to criticize myself and my self-confidence and self love was slipping. I was identifying with what people were saying about me as true and that is who I was.  I started to avoid people.  I became very introverted and basically I had my guard up all the time.

What is the Vortex?

Vortex:  the vortex is our inner source, inner being, higher self.  The “all knowing”  We just know. Tuned in and turned on’ to all that we truly are.  We have a physical self and a non-physical self.  This non-physical self is the Vortex.

How Disconnection from our Vortex Happens

Today, I look at my grand-daughter and she is very bravado and his high self-confidence and self love.  I remember feeling this way.  But I also notice other children.  I see them get to what I call “chopped down” as their self-confidence diminishes.  There is an erosion of self-appreciation and self love that children experience.

Abraham Hicks’ teachings say that the reason why the bravado that we are born with fades is because we have allowed ourselves to disconnect from our Vortex.

When this happens, we have allowed others to convince us to pay attention to how they feel more than to how we feel.

Our emotions give us an indication to our relationship with our Vortex (our inner knowing, inner source).  When we are confident, we are in the Vortex vs. when we are worried about how others think of us, we are not connected to our Vortex.

Approval from Others

I also remember how Approval from others was very important to me and if they disapproved, I would try harder to end up more disappointed and more disconnected from my inner source (the Vortex).

Even in my current romantic relationship, I noticed in the past that his approval of me was very important for my self love.   But I have grown since then and I no longer seek this from him. I am seeing more and more that it is my inner knowing, my inner source that is guiding me.

Many people think that the way to uplift others is by showering them with their own approval.

Our Inner Source, Inner Knowing

But we have a source of refreshment that is independent of all other humans and that is within our Vortex, our Inner source, Inner Knowing that we are innately born with.

Just look at a 2 year old or 3 year old, they are not looking for your Approval.  They have an inner knowing.  This is what we want to reclaim!